chapter  4
32 Pages

Interaction of Carbon Nanomaterials with Biological Matrices

WithS. Gajalakshmi, A. Mukherjee, N. Chandrasekaran

Nanotechnology has revolutionized the research field in the last decades with their new technologies being applicable in both the biomedical and the industrial sector. Several nanoparticles have been reported to have tremendous applications in biomedicine, including cellular imaging, drug delivery, and cancer treatment. But the exposure of engineered nanomaterials to both the human and environment creates several issues regarding their toxicity at the nanolevel. Hence, their impact on human and other living systems and the environment remains a great question. This has been caused by the improper release of the disposal of nanomaterials wastages or the leakages from both the production site and during their application usages. Hence, the awareness on the exposure, hazardous levels, and the toxicity outcomes of the nanomaterials must be entertained before revealing their in vivo biomedical or the industrial application. Also, the impact of their interaction with biological systems in vivo upon their entry must be understood at the molecular level to explain their biocompatibility.