chapter  16
50 Pages

Regulations for Safety Assessment of Nanomaterials

WithPreetika Biswas, Ashutosh Yadav

Nanomaterials have gained attention due to their novel properties that distinguish them completely from their bulk counterpart. They have therefore gained a lot of attention in the commercial sector. There are several products including medicines that are using nanomaterials as their active compound. The useful distinctive properties of nanomaterials also make them a matter of serious concern as there is very little information available for most of them, and they may possess toxicity and properties that have not been observed so far in their parent bulk materials. The governments across the world have setup regulatory frameworks in an attempt to tap the potential of these nanomaterials without compromising safety. This chapter will explore the need of a regulatory framework for nanomaterials and summarize the vast existing market of nanomaterials. We will then proceed with the in-depth analysis of the existing frameworks in Europe (European Union) and the United States.