chapter  3
29 Pages

TEPS and Its Family of Tests

WithYong-Won Lee, Heesung Jun, Ja Young Kim

This chapter begins with an overview of the process of development and revision of the TEPS (Test of English Proficiency developed by Seoul National University) and its family of tests. Second, the chapter identifies some of the important components and characteristics of the TEPS that exemplify its localized nature. Third, a number of security and quality control measures adopted for the TEPS and its family of tests are examined, which include various psychometric analyses and indices of score reliability, validity, and fairness. Fourth, the chapter considers the social consequences and impact of the TEPS on Korean society and the teaching and learning of English in Korea. Fifth, an attempt is made to review the research that has been undertaken for the TEPS and its family of tests and to discuss some technological and psychometric innovations that have been implemented for these tests, including computer-based testing and online scoring of responses from the TEPS–Speaking & Writing (TSW). Finally, some necessary and promising avenues for future research and assessment development are outlined in conjunction with the TEPS family of tests.