chapter  Chapter 3
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A dynamic steering instrument for the development of the Inselspital University healthcare campus

WithMartin Henn

This chapter reports on a new master plan, developed by HENN Architects, to guide the development of the Inselspital University Healthcare Campus in Bern, Switzerland, over the next 50 years. Hospital campuses like the Inselspital stand out through their various and complex requirements regarding architecture and functionality. They are undergoing a state of permanent change as a result of the constant challenge to foresee and understand future demands. On the other hand, a dynamic campus environment requires a sense of permanence and spatial clarity, as well as a way to respect the history of the campus’ built fabric. A hospital of this kind needs to excel in both its national and international reputation, as much as keeping focused on the needs of the singular patient. But while in medicine it is all about reacting to a certain disease pattern, a hospital master plan is about acting, in order to prevent a spatial “disease” to develop in the first place. The chapter discusses the transition from a competition-winning scheme to a mandatory guidance document that will guide the campus’ evolution for a half-century.