chapter  9
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Aurel Kolnai’s The War Against the West

Contours of a contemporary analysis and critique of National Socialism
WithWolfgang Bialas

National Socialism feels provoked by Christianity and the universalism of racially indifferent humanism – as well as by the human image derived from the Enlightenment, which accords all people the same human and civil rights – into adopting an aggressive counter-concept of racially oriented attributions. Aurel Kolnai tries to identify a deep layer of National Socialism that, independent of the economic and strategic fluctuations in politics, has governed its followers’ self-understanding and political actions. National Socialism sees war as an end in itself that, beyond the pursuit of strategic objectives, presses ahead with the struggle for existence and the prevalence of the strong, the annihilation of the weak and inferior, and the selection of a powerful ‘new man’ during the course of this struggle. Kolnai regards the conflict between the West and National Socialism as inseparable from the internal problems of Western society.