chapter  Chapter 17
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Venue management in football

WithEric C. Schwarz

Sport is big business globally. The business of football accounts for a large segment of that global sport business. However, football cannot operate without having quality venues for everything from training to matches. Hence, in order for football to be big business, there must be a complete understanding of football venue management. This chapter on venue management in football looks at the business and management concepts inherent to quality management of football infrastructure. The chapter will start with a summary of what venue management is, and then continue to articulate the various organisational, human resource, financial, and operations management concepts inherent to managing football stadia. This will be followed with an investigation into the logistical functions and issues to be considered for venue management in football, including event planning and management, risk assessment, security planning, marketing, and hospitality/VIP management. The chapter will conclude with a look at measuring performance in terms of financial and operational success using the Balanced Scorecard as the foundational model for measurement. Real world examples from the Stade de France in Paris and the Real Madrid Football Club are included in the chapter.