chapter  Chapter 18
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Human resource management in football

WithJonathan Lord

From recruitment to dismissal, football has generally managed to avoid investigation into its HRM practices with only a handful of high-profile incidents being highlighted by researchers and the media. However, HRM has always played a vital role in football, especially in the management of players and staff, the adoption of management styles, and the use of policies and procedures to support the growing commercial nature of football clubs. This chapter analyses the use of HRM in football from a historical perspective, observing that “personnel” have always been unintentionally integrated into the world of football. It then evaluates the current intentional use of modern HRM theory, systems, and processes. The chapter focuses on the different applications of HRM within football clubs, specifically on how playing and non-playing staff are treated. A key element of the chapter focuses on the reasons why normal HR practices are never questioned in football, yet are the subject of contentious debates in the field of HRM, particularly the public scrutiny of player performance. A discussion around whether these same practices would be effective in a typical organisation and whether HRM has been effective in supporting success on and off the field is also offered.