chapter  Chapter 25
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Value management in football

A framework to develop and analyse competitive advantage
WithHarald Dolles, Sten Soderman

Value and the notion of value as something co-created are fundamental concepts in contemporary marketing research. In this chapter, a framework and its three components, eight value offerings, six customer categories and management’s tactics and strategies, are introduced. A football club offers not one single product, service, or entertainment. Instead the following possible “offerings,” termed “value captures” are considered: (1.A) team; (1.B) sporting competitions; (1.C) club; (1.D) players; (1.E) football services; (1.F) event, facilities, and arena; (1.G) merchandise; and (1.H) other commercial activities. Consumers want different offerings at different times under different circumstances. Consequently, the variety of offerings creates a broader consumer approach in football by addressing: (2.A) spectators and supporters (fan base); (2.B) club members (club membership); (2.C) media; (2.D) sponsors and corporate partners; (2.E) local communities; and (2.F.) other clubs. This “network of value captures” offers a framework to analyse the competitive positioning of football clubs, while 13 key areas are proposed for future research.