chapter  Chapter 36
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South American Confederation of Football
WithRenan Petersen-Wagner, Alberto Reinaldo Reppold Filho, Cássia Damiani, Felipe Magno, Felippe Marchetti

Football can be one of the most illuminating domains of globalisation, where Global South and Global North dynamics operate. In a sense, to understand the business world of football it becomes imperative to understand the particular regional and local aspects. In this chapter we trace the historical development of South American football through the figure of CONMEBOL, discuss the position of South American football in relation to global and European football by arguing against the mechanical division of Global South and Global North, and then present a three-part analysis of the case of Brazilian football to illustrate the concomitant dimensions of political, social, and economical to understand the business of football. We conclude by providing future points of research in respect of the business of South American football.