chapter  Chapter 38
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Confederation of African Football

WithMichael Goldman, Mlondi Mashinini

In 2018, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) counts 56 associations as full or associate members, representing over 25 per cent of FIFA’s 211 associations. This chapter documents the business and management research related to CAF, thereby providing an account of current academic knowledge of football business and management in Africa. The chapter examines the privatisation, professionalisation, and commercialisation of football across the continent, including media and sponsorship deals. Importantly, the chapter deals with the political, social, and economic dimensions of management, such as the role of football in Africa’s post-colonial identity, the influence of CAF in fighting Apartheid in South Africa, the migration of African players to European teams, and the impact of corruption on the game and its administration. This review of existing research includes CAF’s amateur and professional-level club and country tournaments, and involvement in the FIFA World Cup.