chapter  Chapter 42
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Business and governance of football in Qatar

WithMahfoud Amara, Ahmed Al-Emadi

The successful bid to host the FIFA 2022 World Cup, the first mega-event to be held in Arab and Muslim country, has put Qatari football on the world stage and under the international spotlight. Notwithstanding Qatar’s increasing (contested for some) visibility in the international football market, as sponsor and investor, a number of questions have been raised about Qatar’s football culture and hence its legitimacy to host the FIFA World Cup. The Qatari context offers an interesting case study to examine international power dynamics around football. The chapter focuses on Qatar’s investment strategy in international football, and how Qatar is developing and marketing its domestic football to meet international standards of good governance. The chapter then goes on to explore key stakeholders and strategies within the national football system and the policies in place (and politics) to reform football practice in the country.