chapter  5
Pupils, teachers and academics working together on a research project examining how students and teachers feel about the new GCSEs
WithMichael Chay Hayden, Gillian Waller, Abbey Hodgson, Scott Brown, Sean Harris, Katie Miller, Daniel Barber, Lewis Hudson, Dorothy Newbury-Birch
Pages 13

This chapter will present the research methods and the findings of Team Alpha and Norham Together (TALeNT), a research project that involved academics working collaboratively with staff and students from a secondary school in the North East of England. Team TALeNT was formed in summer 2016, and consisted of both academics from Teesside University and students and the Assistant Head Teacher from Norham High School in North Shields. The project initially set out to introduce the students to research, and the process involved in conducting a research project, but it also acted as a platform for students to gain new skills and build confidence in preparation for higher education and differing career paths (Bynner and Parsons 2002). Evidence shows that statistically significant positive relationships exist between the number of employer contacts, such as careers talks or work experience, that a young person experiences in school, between the ages of 14 and 19 years, and their reported confidence at 19–24 years in progression towards ultimate career goals; the likelihood of whether (at 19–24 years) they are NEET or non-NEET; and their earnings if salaried (Bynner and Parsons 2002).