chapter  6
Public health practitioners and academics working together to evaluation a mental health youth awareness programme
WithNatalie Connor, Michelle Baldwin, Gill O’Neill, Gillian Waller, Dorothy Newbury-Birch
Pages 11

The Saving and Empowering Young Lives in Europe study (SEYLE) was a cluster randomised control trial (RCT) that compared the efficacy of school-based preventative interventions of suicidal behaviours (Wasserman et al. 2015). Three interventions and a control group were compared. One of these interventions, the Youth Aware of Mental Health Programme (YAM), was associated with a significant reduction of incident suicide attempts and severe suicidal ideation compared with the control group. YAM has been designed for use in the classroom as a universal evidence-based mental health promotion programme for 14–16-year-olds. The aim of the programme is to help students explore their experiences of mental health using role play, as well as reflect on previous actions and reactions. In addition, pupils are provided with a resource guide of local health resources and different organisations who work with young people in the community.