chapter  Chapter 7
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Catalytic Reactions on Solid Surfaces

WithHuihui Kong, Xinbang Liu, Harald Fuchs

This chapter discusses achievements in surface-assisted chemical reactions of organic molecules. Solid surfaces, especially metal surfaces, have been found to be capable of serving as catalysts and facilitate the synthesis of specific covalent nanostructures, even some polymers which are rather difficult to be achieved by conventional organic synthesis processes. On-surface chemical reactions of organic molecules provide possibilities for in situ fabrication of robust molecular nanostructures with specific patterns and various dimensions through forming covalent bonds among organic molecules. Bergman cyclization is an intramolecular reaction for organic molecules with multiply alkyne groups. The aryl group is one important species for many conjugated molecules, which may provide potential application in nanodevices. On-surface Bergman cyclization could not only be used for construction of one-dimensional conjugated nanostructures, but also for in situ synthesis of novel organic molecules. C–H bond activation is essential in many synthetic reactions, which has been widely applied for the synthesis of natural products, functional molecules and polymers.