chapter  Chapter 8
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Soft Matters for Future Catalysts: A Perspective

WithQingmin Ji, Harald Fuchs, Katsuhiko Ariga

Different catalysts may always show certain activity or selectivity to proper processes. The most promising inspiration for new catalysts might come from biology. Because catalysis takes place at an atomic scale, the catalytic materials must be controlled at an atomic scale in order to study their catalytic action. Besides the improved catalysis systems for large-scale production, more attention should be paid to the novel systems for micro-scale reactions, whose chemical changes may be involved in the devices for energy conversion, storage, sensing and parallel detection. Catalysis technology makes it possible to produce chemicals where they are needed and when they are needed. Mimic complex systems in nature, various catalysts are desired to integrate into a whole system, where the activity of each can be reinforced and multi-steps interactions under varying conditions can be adapted. The greater precision and better understanding will make it possible to design catalysts compatible with demands and enable fine tuning of chemical bondings at ideal rates.