chapter  5
29 Pages

Competitive advantage from CSR programmes

ByMalcolm F. Arnold

This chapter describes the Porter-Kramer model to the work of four well-respected corporate social responsibility (CSR) leaders and their companies to identify what competitive advantages are offered by their CSR programmes. The companies and their leaders are: Anglo American: Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Standard Chartered Bank: Mervyn Davies, E.ON: Wolf Bernotat, and IKEA: Marianne Barner. Good citizenship is an essential prerequisite for a credible CSR programme and it needs to be done well if the company is to project a sound image of being genuinely concerned about social and environmental issues. The chapter focuses on an important problem that is shared by the business and the targeted stakeholder group. It also focuses on solutions involving philanthropy often work through the development of a symbiotic relationship between the company and the stakeholder group, where delivery of mutual benefits to both parties creates a long-term, self-reinforcing relationship between the company and the target stakeholders.