chapter  11
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Climate protection partnerships: activities and achievements*

WithOliver Salzmann, Ulrich Steger, Aileen Ionescu-Somers

This chapter analyses climate change partnerships in the round, comparing and contrasting their key activities and assessing their overall contribution to climate change protection. It presents an overview of the types of partnerships being seen in the climate change debate and an overview of the main activities of the major climate protection partnerships. It also provides an evaluation of the outcomes achieved to date from these climate protection partnerships. Business development partnerships focus primarily on managerial and technical capacity-building. Knowledge generated from partnerships should be documented and used to its full potential. This means it should be passed on where it is needed and, ideally, put to use within the individual partner organisations and, where applicable, beyond. In the partnerships they studied, engagement and dialogue occur in many ways such as event management, press releases, working with partners on internal and external communication, and updating and expanding websites.