chapter  15
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Novartis: demonstrating leadership through emissions reductions

WithHelen Mathews, Claus-Heinrich Daub

This chapter discusses the company's motivations for setting this goal, its strategy for delivering on the goal and the implications of the goal for the Novartis business. Although climate change could impact Novartis in a variety of ways, the most significant of the predicted impacts occur at points in time outside its planning horizon and are, therefore, not yet considered relevant for the company. In June 2005, Novartis committed itself to an emission reduction target based on the Kyoto Protocol, stating its intention to reduce its average absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 5% from the 1990 baseline in the time period 2008-2012. When it set its internal Kyoto target in 2005, Novartis embarked on a significant long-term project. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and indeed implementing a complete environmental improvement programme, is expected to have a minimal impact on sales revenues for Novartis.