chapter  20
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From good to best practice on emissions management

ByRyan Schuchard, Raj Sapru, Emma Stewart, Rory Sullivan

This chapter discusses what going from good practice to best practice on emissions management might entail for companies. It offers some reflections on how thinking on good practice needs to evolve and where companies that want to be recognised as leaders need to focus. Companies are in a unique position to empower individual employees and make them feel as though, through their everyday work or simply their choice of employer, they are making a positive contribution to addressing climate change or other environmental problems. An increasing number of companies are partnering with other organisations to take action to reduce emissions by developing and implementing voluntary market-based instruments. Perhaps the most important example has been the active support provided by companies to the Chicago Climate Change which, at the time of writing is the only green-house gas emissions allowance trading system in North America based on legally binding rules.