chapter  9
21 Pages

The Mexico Greenhouse Gas Program: corporate response to climate change initiatives in a ‘non-Annex I’ country*

WithLeticia Ozawa-Meida, Taryn Fransen, Rosa M. Jiménez-Ambriz

This chapter presents an overview of the literature of the drivers for corporate action on climate change. It describes the Mexican government's responses to climate change, in particular the Mexico Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Program. The chapter profiles the six companies interviewed for this research. It is by an analysis of the drivers for the companies to participate in the Mexico GHG Program and of the outcomes from their participation in terms of inventory development the design and implementation of GHG reduction projects for the purpose of participating in international GHG markets. Despite its absence as a major driver for joining the Mexico GHG Program, several companies noted that their participation in carbon markets had benefited from the exercise of conducting a corporate inventory, thereby enabling them to identify more project opportunities. The chapter outlines the lessons learned from the Mexico GHG Program and makes recommendations regarding future directions for the programme.