chapter  10
36 Pages

Need area 4: food

WithErik Tempelman, Peter Joore, Tom van der Horst, Helma Luiten

This chapter provides an overview of product-service systems (PSS) for the need area food. A sketch of the sector is presented, plus a description of the main approaches to PSS development as practised in this sector. Food is a highly diverse group of more or less solid nourishing items; beverage is equally diverse but more fluid. The sources of food may be comparable for food and beverages, although in the latter water is a much more important resource. In the need area food, product, service and product-service system development all take place next to each other. Consumer confidence in food safety is high, but the levels are declining owing to the numerous food scares in the meat industry. The growth in online food shopping is a third technological trend worth watching. In 2004, more than 60 million Europeans shopped online, an increase of 50% from early 2003. The Fun Food concept provides healthy food to children in school.