chapter  12
12 Pages

Towards an integrated approach to PSS design

ByUrsula Tischner, Arnold Tukker

This chapter shows the new roles of different company departments/functions and their tasks in product-service systems (PSS) projects, and illustrates the process by using the example of an internet-based music store. It discusses the main differences between business systems selling PSS and regular products. The chapter explores the implications of becoming a more PSS-oriented firm for the most important business functions. The strategic development and implementation of holistic PSS value propositions and hence also sustainable PSS value propositions need a different approach from that of offering mainly products or mainly services. In a PSS the product life-cycle and the service life-cycle and how they come together have to be organised in an efficient way. The product development and design team should integrate PSS thinking and gain PSS knowledge and consult PSS sustainability guidelines, which lead from product orientation to PSS orientation and inclusion of sustainability aspects.