chapter  1
19 Pages

A Practical Guide for Pss Development

ByUrsula Tischner, Arnold Tukker

This chapter describes a pragmatic stepwise approach to product-service systems (PSS) development. It can be used by a team in a company, in workshops, by students and other actors interested in experiencing how PSS development can take place. It was developed by Arnold Tukker and Ursula Tischner in the framework of the SusProNet project and is based on extensive best-practice research that was undertaken in SusProNet. Product-service systems are business models or value propositions that aim at the most elegant and efficient combination of products and services to achieve the best customer satisfaction. A product-service system is a combination of products and services in a system that are designed to fulfil specific client demands. There are many different types of PSS; thus it makes sense to distinguish at least three basic PSS categories with eight sub-categories. All of them can be business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) offers. The three basic PSS categories are: product-oriented PSS, use-oriented PSS and result-oriented PSS.