chapter  2
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Tools Alphabetical

ByMartijn Verkuijl, Ursula Tischner, Arnold Tukker

The ViP approach aims at the development of an innovation vision of future products for a company or design consultant. In order to be able to determine which circumstances and factors are influencing the new product–user interaction, it is necessary for the designer to build a new context. The product vision and the underlying interaction vision serve as a programme of requirements for the product conceptualisation. The Benefit Planning Roadmap is a tool developed for use within the HiCS Solution Oriented Partnership framework. The Design Plan is a design tool to facilitate solution-oriented partnerships. The tool was developed by Francois Jegou, Ezio Manzini and Anna Meroni. Gap analysis is a tool for detecting service quality. Service quality can be measured as an input process involving the functional deployment of resources and activities. The project 'Environmental Life-cycle Information Management and Acquisition for consumer products' (ELIMA) provides a tool to gather information about the life-cycle of consumer products.