chapter  5
58 Pages

The toolbox for product-service development

ByMartijn Verkuijl, Ursula Tischner, Arnold Tukker

This chapter provides an overview of methods and tools used in Product-Service System (PSS) development and design processes. It is divided into three research areas: product design, service design and product-service systems design. The purpose of the PSS innovation scan is to guide a company in running such a scan in a structured way. The aim of this scan is to formulate a first business case for PSS that gains management commitment for a feasibility study. The Methodology development and Evaluation of PSS toolkit allows industry to develop PSS using a formalised framework for innovation that should increase the chances of success and make sure that no core issues are disregarded in the innovation process. The 'Eco-efficient PSS' project ran from 2001 to 2003. Its aim was to develop a step-by-step workshop methodology for the development of future markets by the introduction of eco-efficient PSS.