chapter  6
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Introduction to the need area-specific chapters

ByArnold Tukker

Product-services are primarily related to fulfilling an final client need. The leading principle for clustering was hence—as far as possible—the final market a participant was interested in, or, in SusProNet terms, the 'need area' his or her organisation served. The assignment of each need area group was to develop: Sector-specific insight into the main areas of opportunities for Product-Service System (PSS), sector-specific insight into the best approach to develop PSS, and some specific elaborations and sector-specific insights in gaps in knowledge. The first SusProNet conference had the function of validating the outcome of WSI and disseminating ideas about the areas within sectors where PSS can have added value. The second conference had the function of validating all lessons learned with a much broader audience and disseminating the whole package. In general, the WP leader was responsible for doing preparatory inventories and analyses, facilitating workshops and producing results in writing.