chapter  8
29 Pages

Need area 2: information and communication technologies

WithMartin Charter, Graham Adams, Tom Clark

This chapter provides a 'bird's eye' view of the information and communication technology (ICT) sector. The sector is defined, the ICT market described, and some of the main technology developments are introduced, together with some of the factors driving or inhibiting technology application. The 'state of the art' of product-service systems (PSS) development in the sector is summarised and some examples of PSS are provided. The ICT sector is considered from two perspectives: Technologies, products and services and needs satisfaction. Technologies are a primary consideration since they are a dominant driver in product and service development. ICT has many far-reaching applications and implications. ICT developments are likely to continue under all scenarios for the future, with wide application and influence. Profit is the largest motivator for PSS within the ICT industry, and this often rides on the back of new technology since this opens up new markets.