chapter  9
40 Pages

Need area 3: offices

ByMartijn Verkuijl, Ursula Tischner

This chapter provides an overview of the need area office and existing product-service systems (PSS) for the office sector. The following text summarises facts and figures about the current state of the office sector including: The activities of office workers and development of office work, The European market for office furniture: economic recession, Cultural differences in the office work in different countries and Psycho-social aspects in the office environment. In different countries the office work culture differs. The cultural aspects that are most relevant for the office sector are social behaviour, workspace, communication and openness towards new work methods/models. Virtual Station supplies a full range of services and infrastructure for a complete office. The ideas developed and elaborated during the workshops cover a broad area of the office. The chapter discusses the challenges for implementing PSS ideas in the office field.