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Defining the path towards a BoP 3.0
ByStuart L. Hart

Bottom of the pyramid (BoP) 2.0 has been advanced as a way to overcome many of the problems of simply "selling to the poor". The BoP Global Network has been dedicated to building the theory and accelerating the practice of BoP business—enterprise that is inclusive, culturally embedded, environmentally sustainable and profitable. BoP 2.0 stressed the importance of creating protected organizational "white space" in companies to give new BoP initiatives the time and space for creative co-creation and embedding. BoP 2.0 revealed the importance of co-creating solutions from the bottom up in partnership with the poor, rather than simply marketing low-cost products from the top down. BoP 2.0 clearly recognized the importance of engagement, particularly with those in the under-served community itself. BoP 2.0 paid considerable attentions to the importance of partnering with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other key on-the-ground players especially in geographies where the company itself may have limited experience.