chapter  11
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Urban agriculture as a strategy for addressing food insecurity of BoP populations

ByMaría Alejandra Pineda-Escobar

The aim of this chapter is to analyse urban agriculture as a strategy for addressing the food insecurity of urban dwellers in emerging and developing countries, with a particular focus on the implications for populations at the base of the pyramid (BoP). The first part provides a succinct definition of the concepts of food security and urban agriculture, exploring the magnitude of both on a global scale. The Colombian context is then examined, presenting the case of the “Mutualitos y Mutualitas” initiative in Bogotá, sharing its success as a local experience of urban agriculture that has turned a dumpsite into an organic farm, improving the living conditions of the urban poor. The third section looks into issues of contaminants, water and land tenure as the main perils that have been associated with the practice of urban agriculture. The chapter concludes by exploring the role of policymakers in creating an enabling environment for urban agriculture as a valid alternative for responding to the nutrition needs of BoP populations in urban areas.