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Lessons learned: Moving the inclusive business agenda forward
ByFernando Casado Cañeque

The application of disruptive innovations and the creation of more inclusive business models can generate new innovative commercial opportunities with tremendous potential to both scale laterally and "trickle up" to the top. By developing inclusive businesses, low-income communities can potentially gain greater access to goods and services, a wider range of choices and better opportunities to improve their present and future, while companies are exposed to new growth markets that can boost their competitiveness and capacity for innovation. Despite the interesting potential of bottom of the pyramid (BoP) innovative business models, ensuring success in their implementation has proven to be challenging. The BoP Global Network's organizations have contributed in many respects to moving the inclusive business and BoP agenda forward. The BoP Global Network has sought to develop and implement win–win solutions that open up new opportunities for creating business value. The chapter also presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in this book.