chapter  2
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Building inclusive markets from the inside out

ByTashmia Ismail

This chapter will highlight, list and describe some of the key theories and concepts which have been found to be critical in the development of successful inclusive market strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Important concepts are examined, including disruptive and frugal innovation, patient capital and long-term goal setting, re-organizing the organization, rethinking metrics and reporting, moving from transactional to transformational models, changing from closed to open business models, developing a partnership approach to business and reimagining products. South African companies such as MTN, Standard Bank, Capitec and Blue Label Telecoms, and other MNCs operating in Sub-Saharan Africa such as Unilever and GSK, which have embarked on this journey to the bottom of the pyramid are helping to “write the book”, as well as bringing development and employment to parts of the continent that desperately need it. This chapter refers to a number of these developments.