chapter  9
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Gender equality and diversity in the workplace

A partnership between CSR and HRM
WithHarshakumari Sarvaiya, Gabriel Eweje

This chapter explores the partnership between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and human resource management (HRM) functions in promoting equality and diversity in the workplace. It does so by drawing on data from interviews with 29 CSR and HR professionals from large New Zealand organizations. We illustrate how diversity and equality are being addressed under the combined remit of CSR and HRM. The chapter argues that, although HRM drives equality and diversity, CSR helps to extend equality and diversity beyond mandatory action. CSR encourages commitment to this agenda and CSR indicators, measurement and reporting help companies to address equality and diversity in a more cohesive manner. However, such a partnership is subject to CSR-related variables, such as the scope of CSR strategy, the stage of CSR development and the nature of the organization.