chapter  7
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Modernizing Dharavi: if you build, will they come?

WithAbhijit Roy, Mousumi Roy

Looking outside from his office at West Bandra overlooking the Arabian Sea, Mr Mukesh Mehta sighed; he recalled when he first had the dream of creating a Modern Dharavi – free of slums, where the poor, hardworking people will finally be able to enjoy a better quality of life and be integrated with the mainstream citizens. Throughout the history of the world, migrants have moved to the urban areas in search of a better life – his goal is to provide a decent standard of living to the people in this urban slum of over 600,000 residents. He shared this dream with his family too. His son, Shyam, was very enthusiastic and regarded him as a ‘versatile’ person who is capable of serving both the rich and the poor, while his wife considered him a ‘confused’ person.1 He is, however, dedicated to pursue his dream of seeing that his heroes are living a far better life in a revamped Dharavi, free of slum.