chapter  10
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Incest, Freud, and Fraud

ByEdith Kurzweil

The philosopher of science Adolph Grunbaum has spent much of his life arguing with scores of Freudians whether or not psychoanalysis is a science, anycase it is epistemically and clinically viable, and epidemiological or physiological proof of cure can be demonstrated. At present, the proponents and detractors of psychoanalysis both link current concerns to elements of Sigmund Freud's biography. Considering the fact that the core of psychoanalysis resides in its practitioners' unconscious, it is not too difficult to impute fraud to Freud or to anyone of his disciples. However, such fraud cannot consist of plagiarism or of "cooked" data. Still, he could have used his patients' memories selectively to ensure that psychoanalysis would be the ascendant psychology. If Masson's accusations are correct then Freud indeed committed fraud, either consciously or unconsciously, despite his discoveries of the importance of the unconscious, regression, psychic defences, etc. If Masson is wrong, then he rather than Freud may be accused of fraud.