chapter  6
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The Myth of a “Stolen Legacy”

ByMary Lefkowitz

Stolen Legacy deals with the status of black people. The message of the book is: "The Greeks were not the authors of Greek philosophy, but the black people of North Africa, the Egyptians". George G. M. James, an Afro-American teacher of Greek offers in its stead a "new philosophy of redemption for black peoples". In order to show that Greek philosophy is stolen Egyptian philosophy James needs to establish the existence from earliest times of an "Egyptian Mystery System" which could be copied by the Greeks. James describes the procession twice: description of the Egyptian priestly orders, and then as evidence for the priestly science curriculum. As James observes, Aristotle wrote a treatise On the Soul. James admits that there is no close resemblance, because Aristotle's theory is only a "very small portion" of the Egyptian "philosophy" of the soul, as described in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.