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Organisational Learning: A Case Study and Model for Intervention and Change

WithJohn E. Enderby, Dean R. Phelan, Greg Birchall

Organisational learning is a management concept that has been under examination since at least the writings of T. Burns & G. M. Stalker and C. Argryris and D. Schon. An attempt to create organisational learning was a key component of the reform agenda. An extensive literature search revealed the centrality of learning as an organisational imperative in the increasingly competitive business world and a vast array of definitions and perceptions of organisational learning. The major resources that any manager has are his/her experience and knowledge of the work situation. Learning consists mainly in new perceptions of what they are doing and in their changed interpretations of their past experiences. Organisational change in a rapidly changing environment is a complex and at times confusing phenomenon. Change managers should employ a wide repertoire of interventions in pursuit of organisational learning. Change efforts are best managed with reference to an organisational change model.