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The Relevance of Action Learning for Business Ethics: Learning by Solving Ethical and Praxiological Dilemmas in Business

ByWojciech W. Gasparski

Among the numerous dilemmas connected with business activity, businessmen encounter praxiological and ethical ones. The praxiological dilemmas concern the relationship between the means and ends of economic actions and the effectiveness and efficiency of these actions. The principal praxiological and ethical dilemmas are grouped in types depending on the causing underlying these dilemmas. Ethics is reflection on people behaviors; and people's behaviors are either moral or immoral or in some degree moral or in some degree immoral. Business ethics understood as the ethics of a profession receives its praxiological, financial dimension. Business ethics, according to this position, should not be reduced to the ethics of a profession, because business ethics encompasses all parties participating in the processes of exchange. The ethics of the knight of business should give the tone in the society of business. The knightly ethos is the ethos to which Maria Ossowska referred as a model, as a norm of behavior.