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Modifying Group Architecture to Manage Conflict – the Dance Card Technique, a Novel Methodology for Managing Group Dynamics

WithGerald M. Levy

This chapter provides novel group architecture called Dance Card. It explores an alternative approach to the management of Dance Card, which is radically different both in practice and philosophy. The Dance Card technique is in effect a protocol that modifies the very architecture of groups. The Dance Card methodology offered in this paper exploits some of the features of its historical namesake. The Dance Card methodology does not depend on a high level of "group work" skills from its members, as it structures group activity in such a way as to allow group members to participate in the task of the group while reducing the stress of managing the dynamics of the group. Dance Card may be characterised by an architecture that encompasses a number of protocols. Ladies would possess a Dance Card which would list every dance scheduled for the Ball with blank spaces against each dance.