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The Intellectual Entrepreneur

WithStefan Kwiatkowski

Successful entrepreneurs characterized by extraordinary concentration of intellectual features have been identified by Thomas Dandridge in the USA, Bengt Johannisson in Sweden and Stefan Kwiatkowski in Poland. Despite the minuscule size of the sample it was possible to discern these characteristics of intellectual entrepreneurship which are common in a modern world and those which seem somehow affected by transformation processes. Such intellectual features as combining information screening and absorption capacities due to diverse knowledge base, and/or ability to see details from different perspectives by approaching reality simultaneously through linear rationality and holistic intuition, are present in any instance of successful entrepreneurship. Through combining intellectual curiosity and flexibility with non-conventional thinking entrepreneuring intellectuals can identify and tap opportunities which are non-existent for a more conventional mind. Beginning sometimes in the 1960s as the press agency reporter and eventually foreign correspondent, Tadeusz Kotarbinski established himself as one of the most esteemed journalists in Poland.