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Fundamental Aspects of Action Learning

WithAlbert Barker, Reginald W. Revans

The "Necessity for Action" and the "Obligation to Respond" are fundamental precepts of genuine Action Learning. Some Action Learning academics and consultants have fallen into the same trap. Academe is generally more geared to providing what is believed to be useful knowledge, than to the development of practical Ability; unless and until some practical Application is brought about, any Theory will remain a sterile intellectual excursion. An Action Learning based World University or Institution is being researched which will focus upon the pursuit of Ability in order to demonstrate Understanding and thus provide the grounds for further Research building upon, rather than simply adding to, the assimilation of information. Action Learning and Praxeology can only develop as a result of engaging in Deeds and studying the outcome – for the act precedes the theory. Action Learning favours an approach which insists that learners themselves act and thus engender experience through experimentation.