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The Context of Action Learning: A Short Review of Revans’ Work

WithDavid Botham

This chapter reviews R. W. Revans' work and his writings. It begins by locating the developments of Revans' thinking and conceptual frameworks within a context built up from his own evaluation. Later in his ABC of Action Learning, he developed his Action Learning Table and attempted to clarify what he had previously meant by personal relationships and terms referring to first, second and third persons. He has been consistent in his claims that action learning came into one most important stage in 1945. Instead, he modified his plans and focused on establishing a number of action learning sets made up from twenty-two colliery managers. He sent his report to the scientific department of the National Coal Board in 1954, claiming that the improvements were by-products of the first action learning programme. He, in 1964, expanded his concepts of learning, morale and their effects on patient recoveries and formed a special consortium, involving ten London Hospitals, to work on Health Service problems.