chapter  14
The Prince, the People, and the Architects (1990)
Pages 13

The Prince of Wales, in his speeches and book, A Vision of Britain, attacking modernist architects for buildings they have put up in the postwar years in Britain, has aroused an uproar among architects. One writer in Architectural Review, the leading British architectural journal, even finds the source of the Prince's taste in the architecture of Nazi Germany. He reproduces some pictures of new housing from a German publicity handout of 1940, and sure enough they show single-family homes on their own little plots. Because the Nazis preferred single-family houses to apartment-home blocks, he finds a "precedent for the Prince". Of course the authors find the same preference in Pare Lorentz's famous movie The City, made for the New York World's Fair in 1939, or in the books and articles of the reformers Clarence Stein and Lewis Mumford, advocating planned communities of low density for families.