chapter  3
Development Evaluation in an Age of Turbulence
ByVinod Thomas, Jiro Tominaga
Pages 14

This chapter reviews the challenges for a reorientation, drawing on the experience of the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank Group (WBG). It describes the changing nature of the environment surrounding development evaluators. The chapter discusses the challenges these changes pose to evaluators. It suggests ways for evaluators to add value in the midst of uncertainty. The purpose of evaluation of development activities is to improve development results. Evaluation has established itself as a powerful tool to improve the way governments and organizations achieve results. The findings also encouraged the administration to embrace a program of rigorous impact evaluation as it developed its social safety net program. Coordination between the WBG and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been smoother than it was during the East Asia crisis, in countries with and without IMF programs. Evaluation against results should be the goal at all times, but it becomes even more important during a time of turbulence.