chapter  9
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In the End—Am I a Chicana? Imagining the Communities of the Multi-Genre Anthologies This Bridge Called My Back and this bridge we call home in Dialogue with Susan M. Guerra

WithHannah Lutz

This chapter approaches the question of 'transforming otherness' through focusing on imagination and reading practices, drawing on Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak's understanding of teleopoiesis. It focuses on the complex process of othering through an analysis of the two anthologies and by employing Spivak's notion of the native informant as the author confronts himself as a reader. By imagining himself in dialogue with the voice of the narrative of Susan M. Guerra's text, the chapter attempts a more in-depth analysis of otherness by observing how it becomes productive in his own reading where the author thrown between othering and being othered. Despite the stated openness of the new community, the chapter approaches this bridge we call home self-consciously and carefully started to examine the points of intersection between the author's own feelings of being a bridge and an exile with those expressed in the anthology.