chapter  5
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Moving on Boundary Spaces: Altering Embodied Representations of the Other and the Self

WithHelena Oikarinen-Jabai

This chapter analyzes that the problems arising in the process of intercultural mediation, as caused by cultural and political differentiation and exotization, as well as describing how these are sometimes used to validate stereotypical beliefs and images. It maintains that hybrid in-between spaces, explained, for example as constituting third, diasporic, transversal, nomadic or borderland spaces can offer the chance of breaking the high/low opposition that is the fundamental basis of mechanisms of ordering and sense-making in European cultures. The chapter wants to move into an ambivalent no-man's-land or everyone's corners and cultural backstage landscapes when writing himself dissertation. It describes that the central tools, were postcolonial and poststructural feminist theories and methodological approaches. The chapter explains that an inspiring factor, was the embodied understanding and deconstruction of language that many postcolonial scholars strongly emphasize. It needs to bring the idea of the chiasma between different subject positions and discursive fields also to writing and performing the data, to the spaces.