chapter  8
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Iterative Mapping of Otherness: A Mapping Discussion of the Transforming Potential of the Other

WithClaus Madsen

This chapter hypothesizes that a first-time encounter with a person or gadget is not only assessed using oppositions and relations. It inevitably establishes a new plane, a new topos, that, when engaged, might change the perceiver. The chapter begins with a study of two different approaches to the Other and considers how the cognitive engages this entity. It explores and explains what the map and subsequently the proposed mapping entails. The chapter suggests that reading intension and moving simultaneously involves disorder and confusion, but this chaos does not entail a meaningless void. The Internet often serves as a metaphor for anarchy and weblike knowledge, but it soon turns out that the traits of anarchy certainly does not apply to the mapping strategies found in the indexing practises of this web. Maps and mapping are in any case a kind of description based on vectors necessitating substance or actuality, or in other words positive aspects.