The Political Consequences of Candidate Selection to the 18th Knesset
WithGideon Rahat
Pages 28

This chapter examines the influences of candidate selection methods that were employed prior to the 2009 elections on democracy in Israel. It examines the main dimensions that define and delineate candidate selection methods. The chapter presents an analysis of the political consequences of candidate selection methods. It mainly focuses on the influence of the major dimension that delineates between candidate selection methods in Israel—the level of inclusiveness of the selectorate. The chapter analyzes the political consequences of the different candidate selection methods that were used prior to the 2009 elections. Membership was a temporary matter, related to candidate selection only, and at most times did not develop into long-term party membership. Many of the registrants were recruited by mediators, "vote contractors," who used all means to recruit as many members as they could. The adoption of more democratic candidate selection methods, that is, more inclusive methods, makes it difficult to maintain a balanced representation.