chapter  6
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Feminism and the Exclusion of Army Women from Combat

WithLaura L. Miller

This chapter presents the public arguments of the feminists who act as advocates for military women and explains the gap between these arguments and Army women’s beliefs. Many Army women are puzzled when they see feminists in the media pushing to open up combat roles to women, because they are unaware of any military women who are interested in such roles. These feminist activists accept the policy for men as the standard and seek to apply that policy to women. Thus they support making women eligible for the draft and assigning them to combat arms, even on a non-voluntary basis if necessary. Soldiers were encouraged to write their own responses if they did not find their opinion represented among the choices, or if they wanted to expand on or introduce an important topic. Many soldiers wrote extensive comments, providing qualitative material that could be tied to demographic data and attitudes on other topics.