chapter  3
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Identifying the Ideal Mate: More Evidence for Male-Female Convergence

WithRobert Ervin Cramer, Jeffrey T. Schaefer, Suzanne Reid

This chapter presents three specific goals: test gender-specific hypotheses from sexual strategies theory; use the initial results as a control for evaluating the effect biologically relevant trait information has on the relative value of other proximal and/or distal characteristics in a potential mate; and extend knowledge of human mate selection criteria, and the validity of previously reported results, by using a novel stimulus presentation and measurement procedure. Females, more than males, preferred a socially dominant partner, and males, more than females, preferred a young, physically attractive partner. The trait-pairs young and fertile, active and healthy, attractive and sexually responsive represented the male strategy. The female strategy was represented by intelligent and motivated, honest and loyal, good earning capacity and college graduate. Females indicated that the trait-pair dominant/agnostic in religious beliefs was as preferred as the pair young/potent, and similar ethnic/cultural background.